Irrational Numbers

Irrational Numbers

013 - For a while now, I have been questioning some of the math that serves as the backbone of this fantasy curling league.  It seems that I was not getting credited with some of the picks I had made, and my final tallies at the end of each week seemed off.  I was really struck this past weekend when competitors had apparently made more than 100 picks than I did, even though I did my best to keep up with every match I could (except for one memorial service) and made, what I consider to be, a large number of selections.  When the gap between me and my competitors reached nearly 200 matches picked, I tweeted out a plea to Gerry Geurts, the one-man show that is CurlingZone and much more.  I was hoping he could shed some light into the discrepancies I was seeing on the site.

Based on his tweets about Vin Scully’s last game with the Dodgers at that time, I was feeling optimistic that he had a moment or two to debug his website.

I did not receive any sort of reply from Gerry, but I did awake the next morning with significantly more wins credited towards my overall standings than I did the night before.  So if that was you, Gerry, thank you.

I do think that, however, that the accounting is still off.  I also suspect if this is happening to me, then it is probably happening to others in the league as well.  The issue seems that for certain events each week, my picks are being recorded, but the results of those picks are not being tallied.  When the standings for each event are added to make a weekly total, I am left behind.  This also applies to the season-long standings, which are simply sums of the weekly results.

Clearly, I am spending way too much time thinking about something that is pretty insignificant.  If you read my last post, however, you are aware that this is my specialty.  I also know that there are others out there that are also spending too much time thinking about fantasy curling.  One just simply has to look at the numbers of picks that have been logged on the site to appreciate this point.  Considering all the man and woman hours that are dedicated to this silly pursuit, at least we should all get credit for our “work.”

Fair warning, what follows is a series of images and tables going through each of the events that were held during Week 6 of the fantasy curling season.  If for some reason you happen not to be an actuary and are not excited about monotonous data analysis, then you may want to scroll down a bit to where this post resembles written text once again.

Allow me to take a moment to compare the results of the picks I made during Week 6 and what I was credited for on the site.  There were nine events during the week, and I’ll take each one separately.  Oh, what I said about “allow me to take a moment” two sentences ago.  That was a lie.  Buckle up, this won’t be short.

The first event tracked by the fantasy page at CurlingZone was the men’s draw for the Lakeshore Curling Club Cashspiel.

According to the final event standings, I did not make any picks for this event. This struck me as being particularly odd.  When I checked the picks I actually made last week, I found that I had indeed selected thirty-five for this event, twenty-four of them correctly. It does not appear that I got any credit, however.

The second event of the week was the women's draw of the Lakeshore Curling Club Cashspiel.

Here I was credited with making twenty-four of thirty-eight picks. This matches my count.

Next up was the Mother Club Fall Curling Classic. Again, let's start with the men’s side. This was another event where the ledgers matched with forty-three of sixty-six matches picked correctly.

It is the women's side of the same event where I did not get any credit for my picks.

The scoreboard shows no evidence of my selections even though I made thirty-two picks, eighteen correctly.

The KW Fall Classic is next. Here, everything is as it should.  My twenty out of forty-three in the men's event is nothing to be proud of, but at least I got credit.  I had a slightly more respectable twenty-three for thirty-nine showing for the women's event and got all my picks counted there as well.

The Capital Curling Fall Open ran two events, simultaneously.  There was a men’s division and an open division.  For these two events, I went sixteen for twenty-seven and seventeen for thirty with my picks.  If you look at the scoreboards, however, I do not appear anywhere.

Finally, The College Clean Restoration Curling Classic was the big event of the weekend.  I made eighty-three picks in this one event alone.  I got credited with each one, picking fifty-four correctly.

This is where you see my strategy of volume picking come to play.  I did not have the best percentage of picks in this event, but because I simply picked more matches than anybody else, I finished atop that one scoreboard.

So when all is added up for Week 6, CurlingZone has me down for 164 picked correctly out of 269 matches selected.

When you look at my actual pick history, the numbers come out to be 239 correct picks from 393 total matches.

Now yes, 393 matches selected in a single week of play is obsessive, but apparently, 124 of those did not count.

I am not sure that if as the new guy, there is perhaps a little rookie hazing happening here.  There very well may be some code that that triggers if you pick too many matches and the system starts removing whole events from your tally.  This could be some sort of negative reinforcement until my compulsions get under control.  Maybe Gerry did not like the fact that I called this whole thing “absurd” in my inaugural post and this is how he is silently taking out his revenge.  If any one of those reasons are correct, then I am fine and there is a logic that is being applied behind the scenes.  I am just curious to know if this is happening to other competitors as well.  I think we all deserve what little credit we can for this not-so-trivial yet completely trivial undertaking.

Image Credits

Abacus picture from flickr user: D Coetzee.  Public Domain

All screen captures from CurlingZone

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