Calling Queen's Park

Calling Queen's Park

027 - My trials and tribulations with fantasy curling continue, despite an apparent correction two weeks ago.  I still have matches that I have picked not being added to my score!

This week, it appears that results from the International ZO Women’s Tournament and the Crestwood Ladies Fall Classic are not being counted towards my totals.

I have shown that this problem affects multiple users at CurlingZone and have tried a number of ways to draw attention to the issue.  I have started threads in the forums at CurlingZone and contacted the moderators directly through their site.  I have tweeted at Gerry Geurts, set up a fund raiser to buy him a gift, and even invoked the Wu-Tang Clan.  None of these have garnered any response.  I have put in too much effort into this undertaking to give up, yet am running out of avenues to seek help.

There must be some representative that can stand up for me.  I am still reeling from the events that have rocked the U.S. government this week and fear that CurlingZone falls outside of American jurisdiction.  The Legislative Assembly of Ontario, however, appears to be a much more reasonable group of individuals and probably has a greater interest in curling than any of the governmental bodies closer to me.  In particular, I feel the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport may be able to take up the case.  Anybody who would like to join me, feel free to contact Eleanor McMahon, the Member of Provincial Parliament for Burlington and current Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport.

You can simply go to the Ministry’s website and then to their “Contact Us” page.

From there I would choose to comment on “Sport” from the dropdown menu and select the radial “I’m having a problem.”

Please feel free to write what you will, but if you are at a loss for words, you can always copy/paste the following:

Dear Minister McMahon - You may already be aware, but I write to add voice to the injustices that plague the sport of fantasy curling.  The scoring discrepancies that wreak havoc upon the participants of this noble undertaking call into question the sense of honour and fair play that define Ontario throughout this great land and even beyond these borders.  If you could take it upon yourself to contact the administrators of CurlingZone and request they look into these issues, anxious hearts and minds around the province and throughout the world can begin to rest easy. Thank you for your time considering this issue, and … Go Leafs!

I am sure the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport would welcome feedback and inquiries from all, but I feel residents of Ontario would be of particular interest to them.

In the off chance that the Honourable Eleanor McMahon actually reads this, please allow me a moment to address her directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Yes, this is a joke, but the attempted humour lies within a thick vein of truth.  If you could take a moment to tweet at Gerry Geurts and ask him to fix his scoreboards, it would bring a huge smile to an otherwise despondent American.  To be fair to Gerry, he is a little busy with the Grand Slam of Curling right now and may not respond until he returns from Cranbrook, if at all.  And yes, I have considered moving to Canada, and that was even before the election.

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Picture of Queen's Park from flickr user: Maia C. Reproduced under Creative Commons License.

Weekly Scoreboard from CurlingZone.

Image of The Honourable Eleanor McMahon from her MPP biography.

Other screen captures from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport.

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