Due to the nature of the bonspiels covered by Gerry at Curling Zone,  there is not always a lot of time between a match being announced, being made available to pick on the Fantasy page, and actually competed.  This sometimes gives just minutes to make a pick on a match before being locked out of the system, and there is not always notification that a match has been added in the first place.  So I created the Fantasy Curling Bot.  It is a Twitter Bot that checks the list of matches available to pick on the fantasy site and tweets out an update if it notices a change in the page.  It also tweets out an update if it gets an email notification from Gerry stating that new games have been added.

You can read more about it here.

Fantasy Curling Bot has been updated to send out a tweet thanking any new followers and will also like any tweets that use the hashtag #FantasyCurling.  This last piece is a bit self serving, because I seem to be the only one using that hashtag.